Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is no easy task. It can be challenging and we highly recommend breast feeding at office and provide some tips and tricks. Our providers are experienced and have helped many mothers through these challenging times of their journey

Benefits of Breast Feeding

Breast milk contains the right balance of nutrients for your baby. Breast milk is easier than commercial formula for your baby to digest, and the antibodies in breast milk boost your baby's immune system. Breast-feeding might even help you lose weight after the baby is born. Consider these breast-feeding tips for new moms, from asking for help right away to letting baby set the pace

Tips OR Suggestions

General Breastfeeding Resources

Breastfeeding one baby is hard enough, here’s some help for multiple births:

Mothering Multiples by karen Gromada

The Parent's Guide to raising Twins by Elizabeth Friedrich and Cherry Rowland

Hand expression is a lost art.

And, if done correctly, many women feel that they are better able to express milk with less pain. Some women can even express more milk via hand than with an electric breast pump.

This link provides a wonderful video tutorial on how to hand express breastmilk: