Symptoms Checker

Fever Or Pain Symptoms : You can use acetaminophen for 2 months and older or ibuprofen for 6 months and older. The dosage is based on the concentration of the medication and the weight of your child. You can find the concentration of the medication written on the box and bottle.

Concentration Or Dosage : If you cannot find the concentration on the box/bottle or cannot match the concentration to our list, call the office.

High Temperature : If your child is less than 2 month- old and has a temperature (under arm thermometer – do not use rectal thermometer) > 100, call the office right away before giving any medications.

Acetaminophen – [Pain or Fever]

Dose : No more than 5 times per day

Suppositories : Acetaminophen is also available as a rectal suppository in 120-mg, 325-mg, and 650-mg dosages. Suppositories are useful if the child with fever is vomiting often or having seizures (caused by the fever). Use dose guidance as listed above. Most suppositories can be cut to supply the right dose for your child’s age. If your child is sick enough to warrant the use of a suppository, call our office right away.

Ibuprofen – [Pain or Fever]

Dose : o not dose more than 3 times per day. Do not administer to children under 6 months of age

Note : Children (through age 21 years) should not take aspirin if they have chickenpox or influenza (any cold, cough, or sore throat symptoms). This recommendation is based on several studies that have linked aspirin to Reye’s syndrome, a severe encephalitis-like illness. Most pediatricians have stopped using aspirin for fevers associated with any illness.

Benadryl – [Alleries/Allergic Reaction]

Note : Do not use Diphenhydramine for children under 1 year of age unless instructed to do so by a physician.